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Short Life (Lupy Games)

Try to prevent all obstacles rather than remain hurt at each level. Short Life is a frightening platform game with a special twist – you need to command our hero and attempt to direct him through lots of distinct levels. This might seem normal, but you have to direct it without damaging it or eliminating any of its own limbs! The sport has 16 degrees of pleasure. Look out for the several obstacles at every level – you need to prevent contact with spikes, bypass mines, and watch out for additional catastrophic traps. A variety of drawbacks will cause unthinkable harm to your own hero. This game demands a great deal of time and superior reflexes, and it delivers a massive amount of fun! By way of instance, at the very first degree of the activity sport, our hero needs to dodge a moving hand mended with spikes. Additional there’s a barrel arrangement which shoots arrows directly in its head. As levels progress, our personality experiences innovative and new challenges and pitfalls like rolling barrels and exploding mines. Scroll attentively and follow the directions from the sport.

Many disadvantages awaiting you
You can jump, squat, run and hold to prevent traps
Over 15 degrees
Full screen mode can be obtained

Release date
October 2017 (Android)
December 2017 (online)

Short Life was designed by GameTornado (Czech Republic).
Left and Right Arrow Keys – Move left and right
Up arrow – hop / rack up (if in squat position)
Down arrow squat