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Paper War

Paper War relies on the famed newspaper warfare game. The game has two modes: Single Player and Online. In internet, you may play against actual players. If there are not any real players, then you’ll be pitted against AI. Each match, you put your components in your side and competitor will put theirs. Then take your turns to assault each other’s units. The first player to destroy all enemy’s units will triumph. The game’s picture and its cartoons are extremely fun and interesting, and that means you are definitely going to love the game!
Each turn, you need to establish a missile in your enemy by picking its launching location. You can accomplish it by choosing a place in your side using touch or mouse in cellular devices. Then press the launch button in bottom left of this display to start your missile and finish your turn. Then your opponent does the exact same and its your turn . This procedure will be repeated until one player destroys all enemy’s components.