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Futoshiki is a plank puzzle game, also called Unequal. It’s performed on a square board which has a default size (by way of instance 5×5). The objective of the game is to find the specimens hidden within the tissues of the plank; every cell is full of a digit between 1 and the dimensions of this board. Each digit appears precisely once in every column and row; hence, when detected, the digits of the plate shape the so-called Latin square. Some digits could possibly be discovered at the start of the game. The panel might also comprise some inequalities involving the tissues of this panel; those inequalities have to be respected and may be utilized as clues to detect the rest hidden digits. Just 1 solution is ensured for every mystery.

Would you finish the grid so that every row and column includes each number exactly once? However, in addition, you should meet characters bigger than (<) and larger than (>).
Read the Futoshiki aid / directions page for more detailed explanations and directions.
Tough puzzles are often very tough and frequently demand more advanced Sudoku techniques.