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Desert Operations

Desert Operations is an extremely addictive, army strategic game in which you collect resources, build many different important structures, and enlarge your foundation! Explore new buildings, weapons, troops and technologies so that you can attack different players and shield yourself from your enemies! This is a completely free browser game in which you become the ruler of a little nation and after that fight against thousands of other players or acquire them over with intelligent diplomacy and cooperation. Complete missions to progress and elevate your power as an overall on your army!

Back in Desert Operations, new players are protected from assault until they’ve gathered 20,000 points, where point you must already be in charge of the land and also completely ready to anticipate what is coming. When you’ve assembled all of the buildings of the atmosphere, land and water unit, organize them in the regions where they are easily attacked and defended. But very good players understand that the best defense isn’t one which comes in the power of your muscles, but one which lies in the high number of allies you’ve obtained by following a cute foreign policy, so by no means neglect this part of the game. Do not wait any more, invite your friends and collectively attempt to conquer thousands of different players that have tried Desert Operations and enjoy this fantastic strategy!

Join tens of thousands of players from throughout the world within this epic free MMO.
Experience the delight of enormous success, engaging in the war alliance and obtaining the most precious resources that’s your army excellence.
Participate in continuing challenges, dedicated occasions, and continuing action in a few of the most admired browser plans.