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Voxel Bot

In Voxel Bot you perform as a robot which must clean all of the cubes at the degree. Jumping from block to block alters the colour of the block and if all of the cubes are purple you’ve eliminated the amount. To make it more challenging to accomplish your target, you will find enemies that you can not touch or attempt to catch. To produce the level more challenging, there are spikes which strike you once you haven’t functioned at stake for a long time. Amounts will gain more intricate progress in the sport. New mechanisms like the green block is going to be introduced to permit you to move farther along with a block which might be strong or not strong in the push of a button. In this match, the player controls a dice robotwhich begins each game onto a grid of dice and moves directly from dice . Landing on the dice makes it change colour, and shifting every single dice to purple enables the participant to proceed into another phase.