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Siege Online

Siege Online is a Free to Play, Role Playing MMO Game comprising unique tactical battle system.

” Siege Online is a free-to-play role-playing game set from the world of medieval civil wars. The game does not seem like anything you have ever noticed before. Its most important features: – Unique tactical battle system The rules are straightforward but the amount of strategies you can use are boundless, exactly like in chess. Success in conflict strongly depends upon in-depth preliminary preparation in addition to the capacity to make the proper decisions in demanding situations on the battle. Brute force and fast-clicking alone will not enable you to acquire! – Personal castle growth. 100 distinct buildings are accessible for building and many can be updated! – complicated market including crafting, mining, trading, searching and plant collecting.

The in-game financial system arouses that of the real world. You have to be very wise to flourish! – well-developed guild system, to ensure a sufficiently strong guild can catch land and construct its own city. – PVP zones with PVP battles, raids against rival orders, alliances and diplomacy. It is not enough to build your own city, You Need to shield it too.”