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s0urce (origin io) is a totally free game about hacking additional players.
Code the best way to the peak of the leaderboard and unlock new positions!

Hacking earns you BT Coins to buy more data miners which are continuously working to make more cash for you.

Unlock new positions, beginning with Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and eventually become a master by hacking on the most players!

Chat with other people and leave messages in their profile once you hacked on them.

Start by choosing a participant in the goal list. Then click the”Hack” button and choose the port that you would like to strike. Now type the emphasized words exhibited at the base and press enter before the progressbar reaches 100%.
Congrats! You hacked your very first player and you may leave him a message on his profile that other hackers will probably notice.

You can now devote some time at the black marketplace at which you could discover a variety of information miners that produce more BT Coins.

And remember paying attention to a three firewalls, firewall A, B and C which you could view at the”My Computer” window.
When another participant hacks you, then the firewalls defense will gradually return. Then you have to purchase charges for this, so that they won’t violate your firewall and steal your cash.

Suggestion: You can hack others whether they are attempting to ruin your firewalls. Just click the title of the individual hacking you at the log window in the bottom left to view their profile.