Kizi Games Plays 1.15K


Sci-fi “run & gun” platformer game. This is a {story|narrative} about {enhanced|improved} soldiers confrontation.Take control over {enhanced|improved} soldier and {lead|direct} her through 21 game level, wiping out all enemies on {your|your own} way.You {can|will} make 18 {upgrades|updates} to unlock new {abilities|skills} and earn 24 {achievements|accomplishments}.
You {can|are able to} reconfigure it in options menu.
A/D — movementW — jump/double {jump|leap} (when {learned|discovered})
Mouse — {aim|goal} and fire1,2,3,4 — {switch|change} weapon (when {learned|discovered})
S — {dash|dashboard} (when {learned|discovered})
E — {shield|protect} (when {learned|discovered})
Q — stealth (when {learned|discovered})
Space — hurricane drones (when {learned|discovered})
C — event horizon (when {learned|discovered})
Esc/P — pause gameU — {upgrades|updates} window