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Animal Jam

Animal Jam — Play Wild!

Is a family-friendly game where you are able to turn into your favourite creature, collect incredible items, embrace cute pets, and generate a style to say the real you as you explore the gorgeous 3D world of Jamaa!

Perform Wild was called”Best App for Kids” in 2017’s Google Play Awards. Countless children around the globe are playing Animal Jam, and we’re devoted to providing a secure online playground for children.

★ Winner: Best App for Kids ★ 2017 Google Play Awards

– PERSONALIZE your critters from head to tail
– PLAY entertaining games and make Gems
– EXPLORE a stunning, living 3D world
– SHOP for clothing, den decorations, and accessories
– DESIGN your den
– JOIN a friendly community of gamers worldwide
– CHAT with monster friends
– LEARN about actual animals and their habitats

Before You Begin researching Jamaa, here’s some important advice for kids and parents:
– The Animal Jam – Play Wild! Sport is free to play with parental consent.
– Parents may control gamers’ access to societal features by using their Parent Dashboard.

Animal Jam – Play Wild! Provides optional purchases which cost real money. This sport also has Animal Jam membership choices which cost real money. Most game attributes do not demand this paid membership. Nonetheless, as well as exclusive member features in the game, paid subscription also has membership from the Animal Jam game.

WildWorks has partnered with notable scientists and teachers to deliver science instruction and breathtaking vision of the natural world to children in a wholly new way. Our intention is to deliver an enjoyable, enjoyable, and safe place for children to play online. Animal Jam also motivates children to research and protect the natural world beyond their doors.

In WildWorks, your kid’s safety is our priority. Animal Jam – Play Wild! Safeguards your kid’s personal information with secure log in, filtered and monitored chat, live moderation, and also the capacity to block and record players immediately.

Children should always ask their parent or guardian for permission before they play and download with. This game requires an Internet connection.