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Achilles 2: Origin of a Legend

Violent side Perspective fighting game, Combat 5 Distinct armies, Cutting on enemies in halfan decapitating them, impaling them on spears, kicking heads in them… At the Close of Every level, There’s a skilled boss to Conquer, with their Very Own fighting moves, Look, voice and Passing Cartoon
WASD — MovementK — Swipe/StabL — KickP — PauseControls customisable inside the match. More directions in the gameMy strategies for beating 2 swordsmen standing directly alongside each other:a) Use shield to get shut then break a knee of a single, then straight away and then kill another. B) use a running defense bash to knock over one, then kill another c) utilize a leaping attack to kill among them.d) Throw a spear at them e) kick a headset in them to knock you over and kill another